SAO Episode 25 Final

The last and final episode for this season. 🙂 The episode starts off continuing the scene where Kazuto (Kirito) is riding a bike hurrying to the hospital where Asuna is. Just as when he was running towards the building, somebody hit him with a sharp object making his arm bleed a lot. To his surprise, it was Sugou who did it. Sugou wanted to kill Kazuto for foiling his plan inside the game and for the pain he is experiencing because Kazuto “killed” him inside the game while the pain level was set to zero. Sugou’s killing intent scared Kazuto but then Kazuto snapped, fighting back and then acquiring the sharp knife Sugou was holding. He smashed Sugou’s pitiful head onto the vehicle and was tempted to kill him because of anger. He was ready to slash the knife onto Sugou’s neck but ended up not killing him. Instead, he left Sugou behind and rushed to Asuna. Just as when Kazuto entered the room, he was somehow hesitant to continue, being scared that maybe Asuna still hasn’t woken up. He heard a voice encouraging him to enter the room and the moment he raised the curtains, he saw Asuna sitting on her bed while holding the NerveGear. He called onto her name and a happy reunion occurred.  :’) Kazuto then saw the image of a black swordsman with female swordsman dressed in white walking away indicating that the virtual “prison” they have been suffering has finally ended.

Capture1 Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture5 Capture6 Capture7

A few days or weeks after, all of the players who survived SAO has now entered a school specialized for them. Kazuto’s class ends and he goes to where Asuna is waiting for him. They talked about Asuna’s rehabilitation and Kazuto explained things that happened after all of the trouble they had been to like Sugou was finally imprisoned. They were all sweet with each other not knowing Lisbeth was watching them from the cafeteria. Her jealousy was obvious. Silica is with Lisbeth and was listening on Lisbeth’s rant about Kazuto and Asuna. Lisbeth also asks Silica if she will go to the meeting later. Asuna, Kazuto and Suguha were then walking towards the cafe where their meeting is. They soon arrived and was surprised that they were “late”. All of them celebrated their success in beating SAO and Kazuto and Agil talked about the World Seed which Kayaba Akihiko gave Kirito in the game. Kazuto explained the details about the seed and said that it contained a whole bundle of game data that will be needed in order to create a new virtual mmo. In the middle of the celebration, it can be seen that Suguha was left out in the corner.

Capture8 Capture9 Capture10 Capture11 Capture12 Capture13 Capture14 Capture15 Capture16 Capture17

In the evening, Leafa was trying to go to the moon but she has reached the maximum altitude in the game. She then falls but Kirito catches her. She introduced a new skill to Kirito where they could dance while flying. They danced for a while and after they have finished, Leafa said that she would stop playing the game because she feels that Kirito and all the others are too far away because she didn’t experience the things that happened inside SAO. Kirito persuaded her not to quit and the floating castle of Aincrad appeared in front of them. Kirito explained that they would want to play the game again and finish it up to the 100th floor. All of his stats were reset as well and then asked help to Leafa which Leafa gladly accepted. All of the players of SAO now have their own characters in ALO retaining their original appearance with some alterations in accordance to their race. They are all flying towards the castle and then Asuna joined Kirito and Leafa.

Capture18 Capture19 Capture20 Capture21 Capture22

In my opinion, this would be the best ending for this series and couldn’t ask for more. 🙂 It would also be okay if there would be no second season because the new arc will consist of an entirely new story and is not a necessary addition in the plot of the SAO and ALO arc.



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